Key West Artist Janis Stevens

Portrait Artist

Artist Janis Jo Stevens is an master portrait painter. She paints portraits from life or photos in oil paint, pastel or charcoal.  Commissions will be accepted for portraits of individuals, children and families as well as  pet portraits.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings

Janis Stevens' paintings portfolio consists of still life paintings, abstract paintings, flower paintings, orchid paintings and nude figure studies.

Sculpture Artist

Janis Stevens is a talented sculptor creating realistic figure statues as well as whimsical creative vessels.

Key West Tropical Folk Art

Janis Stevens creates unique Key West artsy items including sunset paintings, Key West sunset prints, tropical flower prints, painted coconuts and painted conch shells.


Key West Artist Janis Stevens


Recent Work by Janis Jo Stevens

Pastel Portrait of Boy and Dog
Pastel Portrait of Boy and Dog
Mermaid Dolphin Wall Hanging
Porcelain High Fired
Mermaid and Dolphins
Wall Hangings
Unidragon Ceramic Sculpture 
Unidragon Ceramic Sculpture
 with Glass Horn

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